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Wifi DAS network
Reduced churn, improved ROI and increased planning efficiency are just a few of the reasons why more operators choose mp-Lab Solution Suite, the latest planning and optimisation tool, than any other product on the market.

mp-Lab Solution Suite enables planning and management of both fixed and mobile WiFi network, with a number of upgrades and functional features added to version last version. mp-Lab Solution Suite continues to support the 802.11 standards, while mp-Lab now features the functionality to plan both fixed and mobile WiFi networks, and is fully compliant with the 802 latest standards.


In order to increase the quality of service and experience, mp-Lab Solution Suite, a complete radio planning and optimization solution, with a different approach to model complex networks become more and more crucial in needs to be taken into consideration. As best as the network can be planned and optimised, as sooner that operators can gain and retain subscribers.

Voice and data mobile services continue to evolve, and it is imperative that operators offer customers the latest technologies in a bid to minimise churn and improve customer satisfaction.


mp-Lab Solution Suite incorporates network deployment functions for WiFi applications. It integrates new design and coverage analysis functions in order to perform any network design of outdoor WiFi, including 802.11-b.

The network data can be manually extracted using mp-Lab Solution Suite from a basic digitized outdoor scenario. Based upon the material attenuations can be applied, as well as attenuation outdoor/Indoor or outdoor/deep indoor is crossed. From outdoor model propagation path loss, Indoor coverage is also analyzed and be can be performed taking into account a network located from outdoor to the indoor wave penetration losses.

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