Strategic and technical new approach a radio planning and optimization solution

Design Strategy
The mp-Lab Solution Suite is a complete radio network planning and optimization solution. A professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks from the 2G to the 4G and 5G technologies.

TS2I International Limited design and develop a radio software solution that contains specific modules covering the design, planning and optimization in wireless networks in the VHF, UHF and SHF.

Access Solutions

Any operators are faced with 4G or 5G wireless network planning today is the increasing of the whole network capacity deserved by entier of the network, which is growing exponentially and very quickly, broadband traffic and broadband revenues, which are not.

Relying on RAN offload to alleviate 4G wireless network traffic, mobile operators will have less expertise to plan correctly and follow up all new wireless services and marketing proposals, which limits consumer capacities and stalls less challenge face it concurrences.

Customer experience management

While it’s understandable to focus on the complex technical elements of 4G wireless network planning, mp-Lab Solution Suite helps your engineering teams to look at 4G in a vacuum as a cool new high-speed network as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, … With the best strategies to reach an optimized network, your customers will obtain the right services at the right price; otherwise, the user base won’t be sufficient to provide a strong ROI.

Strategic and consultancy

mp-Lab Solution Suite can provide a mix of technical and related basic and advanced engineering and support solutions. A trademark of TS2I International limited, TS2I can provide consultants that have worked on various projects such as advising on the key technical and commercial aspects of planning for the launch of a new 4G and pre-launch 5G telecoms network.

With a significant depth of experience in telecoms technology and deployment, TS2I has the capability of providing high-level consultancy and advisory services on the approach to deploying network solutions and auditing, reviewing plans and capabilities of an existing one to ensure they are realizable and in line with a turnkey advacned solution.

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