Radio Network Planning Tool

Radio Network Planning Solutions allows telecom engineering to analyse, plan and optimize the investment in any existing or new networks, with operational multi-user solutions, leveraging advanced algorithms for design, planning and optimization of network elements. All these applications share multiple-service modelling and financial optimization network requirements.

m-Plan Suite is based on efficient generic mixed geographical information system and complex mathematical scripting of algorithms and development solution – capable of serving and analyzing multi-technologies and provides support for the main analog and digital cellular and transmission networks including as large and complex elements for radio network, core network, IP/MPLS, … with value added of mathematical integration scaled on complete advanced decision engineering suite. The major of the supported technologies are:

  • GSM, GPRS and EDGE
  • CDMA2000, Ev-Do and 1xRTT
  • WCDMA, UMTS and HSPA Networks
  • LTE/4G networks with a MIMO 4×2 chanel elements modeling.
  • WiMAX Rel. D and Rel. E
  • Wi-Fi Networks.
  • Fixed Wireless / Point-To-Multipoints.
  • Microwave links and Backhauling Networks.

m-Plan SuiteYour next generation of radio planning platform

The m-Plan Suite network data can be shared across multiple users and distant team working spaces, enabling a live updated of the your network, without requiring any data synchronization. Complexity of scalar, vector, matrix and n-dimensional arrays, especially supporting real and complex elements in single and double precision and integer elements is added to any modeling scenario. m-Plan Suite provides also a mathematical module to compute and simulate the powerful of data integration maps that allow user to explore more radio results on any mathematical solution and be able to develop on the obtained results.

With an excellent security based solution system, a real multi-user environment of your large-scale corporate deployments and network can be used into your network planning and optimisation projects.


A cutting edge way to deal with combination, in light of Service-Oriented Architecture administration solutions, gives m-Plan Suite the capacity to effectively coordinate into extensive scale, multi-application conditions.

Geographic Information System

Based on a powerful GIS sub-system, m-Plan Suite provides specifically a radio network planner with an intuitive interface. It features are comprehensives of what’s in need including the capacity to show computed result mixed with a live network cell parameters and informations.

Antenna, Feeder and Equipment Library

Indeed, m-Plan Suite has the possibility to integrate a large library of antenna pattern, feeder and equipements to be used in your network modelisation and simulation. Added to your calibrated propagation model, m-Plan Suite become a powerful radio tools follow up your network evolution step by step.

Propagation Models

m-Plan Suite, your next radio network planning tool includes a large number of empirical and deterministic propagation models, as well as the option to add third party models from providers such as Siradel, Wavecall, …

Models can be manually or automatically tuned, and their accuracy can be improved by using analog measurement data.

Coverage prediction and Capacity simulation

With m-Plan Suite,  you can analyse and predict coverage and analyse mixed network capacities, produce nationwide coverage maps and plot it, and generate many statics reports.

Neighbor Planning

m-Plan Suite lead your radio engineering the power of neighbor planner of sites and cells in various scales and layers including IRAT handovers, CSFB and complex MIMO cell planning can be planned and analyzed.

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