Radio Network Planning Suite a radio planning and optimization solution

mp-Lab Solutions Suite
The mp-Lab Solution Suite is a complete radio network tool for planning and optimization network advanced engineering. A professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks from the 2G to the 4G technologies.

TS2I International Limited design and develop a radio software solution, a new generation of wireless network design optimization models and solution procedures that contains specific modules covering the design, planning and optimization in wireless networks in the VHF, UHF and SHF.

A driving feature of future network architectures will be the mobile user. Users increasingly will access information resources while on the move, whether when in a vehicle, attending a business meeting, or working in remote locations. Wireless technology is necessary to support the mobile user and efficient use of radio spectrum is an important aspect of developing future network architectures. Also, the radio links, by their nature, have intermittent outages. This empowers software radios to conduct expressive negotiations among peers about the use of radio spectrum across fluent of space time, and user context. For this reason, you have to choice a convenient and efficient software radio planning to provide an ideal platform for the realization of cognitive radio.


mp-Lab Solution Suite is an innovative combined 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA200, WiMAX and MW radio planning & optimisation platform currently used by various customers worldwide. mp-Lab Solution Suite provides engineers with the perfect environment to plan and optimise 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Users can do joint technology planning with ease, through its versatile support for multiple carriers, services and bearers.

mp-Lab provides comprehensive network planning functions, advanced geographic information system (GIS), and easy-to-use design. These features help you to efficiently plan the network parameters to obtain the optimum planning result regarding network coverage, capacity, and quality.


Make sure that your plan is the best possible plan. mp-Lab Solution Suite is an automatic planning and optimisation tool developed to support operators in managing the increased complexity and scale of cellular networks.

mp-Lab Solution Suite provides also a comprehensive design and optimisation platform that allows operators to follow up and analyze multiple live statistical data sources, joined with real network measurements and planning predictions. By combining advanced analysis and automated optimisation, planning and optimization teams can identify and improve problem areas in the network quickly and efficiently all along reducing both CAPEX and OPEX expenditure.

System Structure

The mp-Lab provides a series of functions such as the Geographic Information System (GIS), service modeling, NE modeling, propagation modeling, prediction, capacity simulation, parameter planning, and various analysis result output.

Product Features

The mp-Lab provides comprehensive network planning functions, a flexible software architecture, an advanced geographic information system (GIS), rich data resources, and user-friendly GUIs. These features enable network planning engineers to improve the work efficiency significantly. mp-Lab Solution Suite also supports 3GPP2 standards based on Inter-Radio-Access-Technology.

  • Advanced LTE planning simulation Technology (FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE).
  • Frequency and Physical Cell-Id ID Planning for LTE networks.
  • Support of GSM, WCDMA and CDMA2000 radio access technologies.
  • Full support of antennas systems shared across multiple technologies.
  • A large Antenna Pattern File libraries included with an advanced antenna pattern editor.
  • New automatic site placement tool based on a quick creation of networks hexagonal cell structure.
  • The mp-Lab supports the planning of neighboring cells, frequency, Physical Cell ID (PCI) codes, and Physical Random-Access Channels (PRACHs). In addition, it provides professional LTE network optimization by incorporating the rich experience and advanced technologies of all vendors such as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, …and leading operators.
  • Advanced planning algorithms: The mp-Lab helps users flexibly perform co-planning of GSM, UMTS, and LTE-FDD networks, thus appropriately making use of existing site resources. This accelerates the product delivery and shortens the network deployment period.
  • Advanced semi-dynamic simulation technology: By providing high-accuracy network prediction, the mp-Lab helps to accurately estimate network investment and provide a low-cost solution, thus effectively reducing the overall costs of network deployment.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use network planning function: The mp-Lab provides mature algorithms for inter-RAT neighboring cell planning and easy settings of planning parameters. This improves work efficiency effectively by reducing the technical requirements on network optimization and ensures the quality of network planning.
  • Based on your environment and your network technologies, mp-Lab Solution Suite includes advanced survey analysis & processing capabilities, which will be used in the development of a tuned model from the survey data.

License Management

mp-Lab Solution uses a floating licence management system. Any user of the suite from any client workstation can access to the entire platform without any restriction to the software as long as no more users than the number of purchased licences are connected simultaneously limited to the total number of licences installed on the master station or server where installed the license management software.

It is, also, possible to run mp-Lab Solution Suite in a standalone environment on a single computer when you dispose only one license or when you are in need to move outside. The latter can be used as such in the field without any network connection requirement for unlimited cell planning and optimization.

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