mp-Lab Solution Suite Libraries

To ensure optimum functioning, mp-Lab Solution Suite requires a certain number of elements relating to GSM, PMP, WCDMA, CDMA2000, MW, 4G, … networks to plan. These elements comprise in particular radio equipment, antennas, the radio bands used, plan of available frequencies, …

These elements must be configured and stored in the mp-Lab Solution Suite on the local machine and in your network (in case mp-Lab Solution Suite is turning in network mode) in order to the planning stage. These data are called “Libraries” in your radio network planning tool. The libraries are pre- configured in mp-Lab Solution Suite, and in addition can be saved and loaded using a comprehensive import/export function.

To plan one or many networks such as GSM, PMP, 3G, 4G, MW, mp-Lab Solution Suite perform your network with it complete equipment and antenna integrated libraries.

With the add of IRF Curves into mp-Lab Solution Suite – MW module, we can enable the exact of definition of the protection margins to supply when computing the interference between two adjacent channels. These curves are necessary in order to correctly evaluate the interference between links. They can be defined for each equipment item and can be directly integrated from a defined equipment provider with it Pathloss predefined radio equipment file.  Manually could be created also into mp-Lab Solution Suite.