In-Building & DAS Engineering

TS2I International Limited provides a complete in-building wireless network design, optimization, installation, commissioning and testing services for all major wireless technologies including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+, UMTS, EVDO, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, GPRS and iDEN

TS2I also provides a radio network planning suite including modules covering the design, the planning of wireless networks and monitoring for densification and optimization of Indoor and Outdoor complex network modelizations.

In-Building Solutions

Our approach to performance is to tune the network to cater to immediate needs and come up with plans to mitigate problems on a long term.

We achieve these goals by suggesting network parameter changes or/and hardware inspection resolve the problem in short term. If there are design changes required our design team can work with the operators to make that happen.

TS2I International Limited are also able to perform your quality of experience in-building solutions by supporting your team or your customer to design, optimize and install your Distributed Antenna Solutions per the service requirements is in need.

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Based on our radio network planning suite, you can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want. Broadband availability brings high performance connectivity to over a billion users’ worldwide, thus developing new wireless broadband standards and technologies that will rapidly span wireless coverage.

Or planning your network forever

Congratulations on your choice of mp-Lab Solution Suite, the new related planning tool. Our Indoor and Outdoor radio network planning tool can offer radio planning consultancy and training services to suit your needs !

Your business Indoor planning & strategy

The experienced growth in the use of digital networks has led to the need for the design of new communication networks with higher capacity. The telecommunication industry is also changing, with a demand for a greater range of services, such as video conferences, or applications with multimedia contents. The increased reliance on indoor mobile networking and the Internet has resulted in a wider demand for connectivity to be provided “anywhere, anytime”, leading to a rise in the requirements for higher capacity and high reliability broadband wireless telecommunication systems.

Wireless digital communications are an emerging field that has experienced a spectacular expansion during the last several years. Moreover, the huge uptake rate of mobile phone technology, WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) and the exponential growth of Internet have resulted in an increased demand for new methods of obtaining high capacity wireless networks.

Expertise beyond your in-building radio solutions

In-Building Site Design
RF In-Building Network Dimensioning
RF In-Building Site Integration Support
RF In-Building Construction Management

Core Network Performance
Parameters Audit & Tuning
RF Pre and Post Launch Optimization

TS2I International Limited works with the Operators to perform benchmarking of their Network. We perform walk tests in the buildings to identify the areas where our Clients could have poor RSSI and/or bad SQE compared to their competitors. In conjunction with its clients, TS2I International Limited can come up with a plan to improve the coverage with optimization of the general area and/or propose design enhancements in the area.

TS2I International Limited works with the Operators to perform New Site CW Walk testing to gauge the coverage from the proposed site beforehand, at different heights if needed. This testing allows the Operators to visualize if the proposed site would meet the Coverage.

Let's trust perform your Indoor designs

Pre-Design Coverage Assessments: Prior to any RF design, it is important to understand and measure the extent of the existing coverage and limitations.

Design Modeling: Before going through the expense of building a system, CW testing can be used to make a “final check-up” of the proposed design to ensure optimal performance and the best quality of experience.

Acceptance Testing: Once a DAS or Small Cell network is installed, benchmarking is the best way to scientifically determine whether or not a system meets the required coverage objectives.

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