Hata-Okumura Propagation Model

Hata-Okumura propagation model

The Hata-Okumura model is best suited for large cell coverage (distances up to 100 km) and it can extrapolate predictions up to the 2GHz band. This model has been proven to be accurate and is used by computer simulation tools. This model incorporates the graphical information from Okumura model and develops it further to realize the effects of diffraction, reflection and scattering caused by city structures. This model also has two more varieties for transmission in Suburban Areas and Open Areas. Here is the analytical approach of the model:

Hata-Okumura Propagation Model Equation


  • F: operating frequency (MHz)
  • HT: transmitting station antenna height (m)
  • HM: mobile unit antenna height (m)
  • a(HM): correction factor for mobile unit antenna height (dB)
  • d: distance from transmitting station