Frequency Bands and Networks

mp-Lab Solution Suite – MW module is supplied with the predefined ITU frequency plans and bands. In addition it is possible to enrich and modify this information library. In this case, mp-Lab Solution Suite – MW module supplies an intuitive interface capable of automatically computing the channels available, provided the main parameters that define the frequency plans available (channel bandwidth, duplex spacing and central frequency).

The user defines the networks based on the channels in the different frequency plans he is authorized to use. For each channel it is possible to specify the usable polarisation(s). It is also possible to specify the type of the channels allocated to a network (e.g. preferred, to coordinate, etc.). These types are defined by the user. The networks defined in mp-Lab Solution Suite – MW module can be configured in different ways (e.g. one network by frequency band).

Frequency Bands

In telecommunication, a band, also called a frequency band is a range of frequencies in the radio frequency spectrum that is divided among ranges from very low frequencies to extremely high frequencies and for each band has it lower and upper frequency limit.