Radio Antenna File Pattern

Antenna Pattern File

An Antenna Pattern File is a Text file describing the general information, horizontal data points and vertical data antenna radiation patterns. Using an Antenna Pattern File greatly enhances your planning accuracy as it simulates your hardware’s true radiation capability.

In the VHF/UHF and microwave engineering world, the antenna radiation plot shows the relative field intensity in the far field in free space at a distant point. The radiation pattern is measured by rotating the antenna on its axis and calculates the signal strength around the points of the compass with respect to the main beam peak (by this method, any antenna pattern lead engineers and technician to get a quick reference to the response of the antenna in any angle).

With mp-Lab Solution Suite, you can even add new antenna file and edit any existing antenna pattern stored in your projects. The antenna library is used to define the characteristics of the antennas used in mp-Lab Solution Suite. Specially, it is possible to indicate the Horizontal and Vertical cross-sections of the co-polar and contra-polar diagrams (i.e. up to four diagrams per antenna). This library can be enriched manually or directly by integrating an antenna file. It is possible to edit an antenna and its associated diagrams at any time.