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Company History

TS2I International Limited is a company specialized in the field of Telecoms; it provides network deployment services range from initial consulting and project management to network planning, network engineering, integration and commissioning, optimization and qualification. TS2I-Int works with operators, equipment vendors and other Telecoms partners throughout the world to realize fixed, mobile, and integrated services from concept to live operation.

At TS2I International Limited, we develop and commercialize, also, a radio planning solution for the wireless industry. We provide dedicated Indoor and Outdoor tools for Microwave design, fixed & mobile WiMAX Network and digital Broadcasting (DVB-T/H).

Developed by experts in RF planning tools, TS2I International Limited proposes a flexible planning tool based on GIS interface with advanced features and robust algorithm for each module.

  • 2006

    m-Plan Beta Version

    This was the time when we started first development of our radio network planning tools named m-Plan beta version. We had no idea how far we would go, we weren’t even sure that we would be able to survive for a few years and our product will be one of the major actor solutions in the region of North Africa.

  • 2007

    m-Plan Beta Version

    MTD Technology start commercializing m-Plan, a new radio software planning and optimization destined to training center, university, subcontractors and operations.

  • 2008


    A solution of Media Telecom Design Technology, a software provider of network planning, optimization and frequency spectrum management solutions in the region of North Africa and Middle-East. m-Plan software provides specific modules covering the design, planning and optimization in wireless networks in the VHF, UHF and SHF.

  • 2012


    TS2I International Limited, a company created since 2012, pleased to offer Telecoms, Training, turnkey solutions and Computer Science Engineering, management and human resource outsourcing services to its customers at competitive market rates to exceed our customer expectations.

  • 2013


    mp-Lab Solution Suite is a professional tool that fully supports the planning of wireless networks. It supports the planning of single-system network and the planning of multi-system network. For example, the mp-Lab can be used to plan the network using both the GSM technology and UMTS technology or the network using the GSM technology, UMTS technology, and LTE- FDD technology. During the entire network life cycle, the mp-Lab helps operators to complete the initial network design, network simulation, coverage prediction, and network optimization.

  • 2019 (Soon)


    Top management of TS2I International Limited is working actively to inaugurate its new office in Paris towards mid-2018. TS2I France will be the responsible office for the starting point for all business to the region of Europe and North America.

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We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Telecom expertise and knowledge transfers prepare your team. We are motivated to enhance your next network generation …

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